Reflexology calms the nervous system and induces relaxation, helping combat the effects of stress and anxiety and depression.

Reflexology reduces anxiety – If I had to give an example of just one thing that reflexology is fantastic for, it would be stress relief. Most of us suffer from stress at some point in our lives, however for some stress can begin to control us, interfering with our daily functioning.

Unfortunately today, stress is directly linked to 75% of all illness and disorders.


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Our bodies are programmed to deal with immediate threat,  you may have heard of the “flight or fight” response. (Or acute stress response) This is when the body prepares itself for sudden action. To either fight the threat or run away from it. This is instinctual, we cannot control it.

During periods of perceived threats, our bodies experience physical changes, as adrenalin and cortisol is released by our nervous system. Resulting in the symptoms of stress.

Stress causes:

  • Increase in heart rate

  • Increase in blood pressure

  • Increase in blood-glucose levels

  • Breathing to quicken

  • Muscles to tense

  • Digestive and immune system to shut down to allow more energy for emergency functions

These physiological changes can be immensely important to us when faced with an immediate threat; however during periods of prolonged stress, these changes cause harmful reactions in the body and can lead to the following symptoms of stress;

Anxiety, depression, digestive problems, insomnia, high blood pressure, headaches, memory loss, aches and pain, muscle tension, cold and infections. Severe stress can have a profound negative effect on the reproductive system.

Reflexology can help combat the harmful effects of stress by reducing the stress hormones and inducing relaxation and calming the nervous system, so blood flow is improved, blood pressure falls and the heart rate reduces. Relaxing both the body and mind and helping to restore balance and well being in times stress.

I am trained in ‘Mindful Reflexology’ providing support for stress, anxiety and depression

Self help Reflexology – tips for stress