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Fertility Reflexology – Providing support for the mind,body and Spirit.

Fertility Reflexology is becoming more popular for couples trying to conceive. Some choose fertility reflexology before they go down the route of medical intervention, and for others they use fertility reflexology in conjunction with assisted conception. At this time, reflexology can help to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation which can help increase the chances of success.

When it is taking longer than expected to fall pregnant, then emotions may be running high. Only half of all healthy couples under the age of 35 fall pregnant within 6 months. Fertility reflexology can enhance the chances of conceiving naturally by calming and de-stressing the body. Alongside regulating the menstrual cycle and stimulating healthy sperm production.

Significant factors affecting fertility are – smoking, age and being underweight.  At your consultation we will discuss your your life style, diet and any other factors that may have a bearing on fertility. We will then work together to balance your body to ensure it is in optimal condition for conception.

You will notice after starting reflexology, improvements in your menstrual cycle, some ladies see their longer cycles shorten and become more regular, others who have a light bleed report it has become heavier and those with heavy periods report they become less so. The key is that reflexology brings balance to the body so your body takes what it needs from the therapy helping to regulate the cycle and increase the chances of conception.

Many ladies I have worked with have happily gone on to fall pregnant after fertility reflexology. This is one of the most rewarding areas of my work. I allow plenty of time for each session. You won’t feel rushed.

It’s very common when your are struggling to conceive, not to talk about your situation with anyone else. It can seem as if everyone around you is falling pregnant with no trouble at all. When this is not the case for you it can lead to a great deal of emotional stress. This emotional upset can interfere with the effective functioning of hormones.  I believe it takes 60 minutes to completely relax and switch off so all treatments are no shorter than 60 minutes.

“I have been seeing Laura for a few months as I was struggling with infertility. I am now pregnant! Laura is fantastic. She is extremely professional and clearly passionate about what she does. Laura has given me wonderful advice and strategies on how to relax. I feel absolutely comfortable talking to Laura about anything and have loved each session. You will never have a better nights sleep than after reflexology and each session is totally relaxing. Laura was recommended to me by a well known local reflexologist and i’m very glad she did!”

Stress is an extremely important factor when it comes to fertility and conception. Stress can have a profound negative effect on the reproductive system.

During periods of stress the hormonal balance is disrupted. Hormones essential for reproduction are suppressed which impairs the maturation and release of an ovum. At times of stress blood is diverted away from the reproductive system as it is deemed not essential to survival, resulting in lower levels of fertility and infertility.

“Laura is very professional and welcoming. Through the very difficult period of IVF and fertility treatment she was understanding and very well informed with all the processes. She was very good at putting me at ease and gave a fantastic relaxing treatment. She is a great healer and I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone looking for an experienced reflexologist"

(Janine, Maidenhead)

“I first went to Laura to help with my periods as they were very inconsistent and I was worried at the age of 37 I would have difficulty conceiving. Not only is Laura AMAZING at what she does, I fell asleep at every appointment, but she’s warm, caring, knowledgeable and supportive! After just 4 appointments my periods were back on track and within 2 months I was PREGNANT!! and the delay in reviewing was due to the fact that I fell pregnant again 5 months after giving birth! (Planned of course) Just 6 appointments has given us two beautiful baby boys! and I sincerely feel this is down to Laura and her reflexology. She is worth every single penny and I would recommend her in a heartbeat. Thank you Laura xxx”

(Victoria, Egham)

Reflexology combined with a healthy life style, diet and reduction in stimulants can help to reduce stress, improve blood circulation to all systems and balance hormones, helping optimise the chances of conception.

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