Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage, (RLD) is a  groundbreaking technique focusing on stimulating the lymphatic system which underpins the bodies ability to heal and stay healthy.
Initially pioneered by Sally Kay,  for breast cancer patients suffering secondary lymphoedema in the arm or both arms. The treatment was found to significantly reduce the volume of swelling.

Reflexology Lymph Drainage follows the lymphaitc reflexes on the feet to encourage the movement of lymph around the body. This specialist technique can not only benefit sufferers of lymphoedema, but can help reduce the symptoms of many other conditions. Those suffering from auto immune disorders from ME to eczema and Fibromyalgia and muscular skeletal pain have reported improvements after RLD. An increase in energy levels is also a benefit  and RLD can be useful to help aid post operative recovery.

The results I have seen from this technique have been quite astounding, so much so, I now use reflexology lymph drainage in all my treatments, regardless of presenting conditions. Everyone can benefit from this technique.

“Thank you so much for yesterdays treatment. I feel so much better today, my sinuses are clear and headache gone!!! You are amazing.xx”

(Julie, Windsor)

“Firstly I found all the treatments very relaxing and gentle. Overall I was very pleased with the results and have noticed a definite reduction in the swelling on my feet and lower legs. The left side in particular seems to have gone down the most and seems to be staying down. The right leg which was definitely the more swollen of the two has gone down significantly but seems to swell up a few days after treatment – having said that the swelling is not as bad as it was before the sessions and my legs no longer feel ‘heavy’ like they often did before I had the treatment.
Additionally I have noticed a definite improvement in my sinus’s after the treatment and my energy levels have improved as well. – Overall A very pleasant treatment with good results. – Thank you so much for taking me on”

(Frances – Wokingham after 4 treatments)

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This short clip explains a little more about RLD