“I just wanted to let you know we had our 12 week scan on Friday and everything was okay. I couldn’t believe it, so happy and relieved. Thank you for everything you did for me. I’m not sure the outcome would have been the same without your physical and emotional help. I can’t thank you enough. ”

(Emma, Warfield)

“I have been seeing Laura for a few months as I was struggling with infertility. I am now pregnant! Laura is fantastic. She is extremely professional and clearly passionate about what she does. Laura has given me wonderful advice and strategies on how to relax. I feel absolutely comfortable talking to Laura about anything and have loved each session. You will never have a better nights sleep than after reflexology and each session is totally relaxing. Laura was recommended to me by a well known local reflexologist and i’m very glad she did!”

(Gemma, Windsor)

“I began seeing Laura as I suffer from repeat miscarriages due to high natural killer cells. I had 9 losses before my daughter was born and another 8 before beginning treatment with Laura. I had 6 sessions which I found blissfully relaxing and took her advice on meditation. My next pregnancy has been successful. (I’m 39 weeks today) and i’ve resumed sessions recently in preparation for labour. All in all an excellent reflexologist who is kind, empathetic and understanding. I would recommend her to all”

(Felicity Burnham)

“II got in touch with Laura following a recommendation from an existing client. I had been suffering with chronic urticarial (hives) for over one year, and was taking six antihistamines a day. After one session with Laura the hives disappeared, I was immediately able to come off the medication I was taking, this has transformed my life. I now visit Laura on a fortnightly basis and really enjoy our sessions. This time we are working on my fertility which Laura specialises in. Laura is a wonderful therapist, great listener and you come away feeling relaxed and pampered. Do not hesitate make an appointment at your earliest opportunity.”

(Anon, Ascot)

“I first went to Laura to help with my periods as they were very inconsistent and I was worried at the age of 37 I would have difficulty conceiving. Not only is Laura AMAZING at what she does, I fell asleep at every appointment, but she’s warm, caring, knowledgeable and supportive! After just 4 appointments my periods were back on track and within 2 months I was PREGNANT!! and the delay in reviewing was due to the fact that I fell pregnant again 5 months after giving birth! (Planned of course) Just 6 appointments has given us two beautiful baby boys! and I sincerely feel this is down to Laura and her reflexology. She is worth every single penny and I would recommend her in a heartbeat. Thank you Laura xxx”

(Victoria, Egham)

“I have now completed 6 sessions of the Zone Face Lift treatment with Laura. The sessions were incredibly relaxing and I found myself drifting of to sleep, even during the more vigorous parts of the treatment. After only 6 sessions I have noticed a real difference in my skin. It looks brighter and more toned and I have found I don’t need to wear foundation. An unexpected benefit is that the slight facial redness I had for a long time due to tiny thread veins has now reduced. I love the fact that this treatment is having a positive effect on my health in addition to improving my skin, and will be continuing to have more. Laura is delightful and her therapy room is lovely so my visits are a real treat. Thank you Laura”

(Fiona, Wokingham)

“I can’t thank you or emphasise enough what a difference our reflexology sessions have made to my continued recovery from stress related anxiety and depression. It has played a significant part in my ability to return to work. It was a huge step for me to admit to myself that I needed help. It took what felt like an even greater step to do anything about it. I could not have been more anxious and nervous when I arrived for my first appointment. It takes great skills and sincerity to be able to reassure someone who is in that much distress. I needn’t have worried. Laura was totally professional, discrete and not phased at all by my hormonally fuelled tears. She put me totally at ease and took the time to tailor a treatment to my needs. Her holistic approach, as well as her helpful informed advice was most welcome. Laura’s gentle considerate manor was exactly what I needed to help relieve the myriad of peri-menopausal symptoms that I was having. I left Laura’s care after my initial consultation and first treatment totally relaxed, refreshed and rebalanced. I had a very restful sleep that night and have benefited further with with each subsequent treatment. Looking forward to my next session”.

(Shelly, Maidenhead)

“I have found my Zone Face Lift sessions to be amazing. Cleared my foggy head and de stressed me, lifted and toned my skin and helped with puffiness and very anti aging too. Would highly recommend Laura and will be continuing to have more treatments, Thank you”

(Adrienne, Windsor)

“Thank you Laura for a fantastic Reflexology session. I feel relaxed and energised at the same time – is that even possible? Some good sound lifestyle advice too. Really want to make this a regular thing”.

(Lynette, Windsor)

“Laura is a miracle worker. Since returning from holiday on Wednesday I have had a bad headache, painful shoulder, arm and knee. Today I had the most wonderful luxury Foot and Facial session and have since been pain free. I normally only have foot reflexology but will certainly be looking to include a facial session regularly as well”

(Gianetta, Bracknell)

“Hi Laura, Just wanted to let you know that I’m pregnant!! Thank you so much for all your help, support and advice and what seems to be very successful reflexology sessions. Thank you again".

(Vicky, Staines)

“I love coming to see Laura, she makes me feel so well. If I have too long a time between appointments, I miss it. Having a reflexology session with Laura really puts me on an even keel and if there’s more than about 4 weeks between appointments I start to feel off balance both physically and mentally.”

(Gillian Bracknell)

“Laura is a compassionate and caring therapist. She is helping me in many ways. Her sessions relax me when I need to chill. I cannot recommend Laura enough. You will look forward to every session.”

(Elaine, Wargrave)

“I definitely noticed an improvement with the reflexology. My migraines stopped and I came away from a treatment feeling far less stiff after each session, with a significant decrease in my usual pain/discomfort”

(Olivia who has fibromyalgia, Windsor)

“Oh my goodness, I’ve just has a facial reflexology with Laura and I’m just about ready to melt. I’m a reflexologist myself so I choose who treats me very carefully. Laura has sent me off into a place between wakefulness and sleep, where I drifted in and out of dreams. I found the treatment so refreshing. My skin looks so radiant, not bad for 48, and my frozen shoulder pain has eased off. I’m lucky enough to see this lovely lady once a month for treatments, and I’m looking forward to my next one. Thank you Laura!"

(Siobhan, Egham)

“I have had several treatments from Laura now and can not believe the benefits. I was able to fully relax, switch off from all my stresses and really felt refreshed afterwards – its my version of a physical detox! Laura is friendly and reassuring, I would highly recommend her.”

(Andrea, Wokingham)

“Laura is an incredible reflexologist, I always leave a treatment feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and relaxed. Laura also helped me with a recent pamper day and everyone who had reflexology came out of their treatments saying it was amazing. I would highly recommend reflexology with Laura. Thank you Laura”.

(Sue, Wraybury)

“I love Lauras treatments! I have trouble sleeping but always feel deeply relaxed after a treatment which helps me sleep”.

(Debbie, Windsor)

“Thank you so much for yesterdays treatment!! I feel so much better today, my sinuses are clear and headache gone!! You are amazing!! xx”

(Julie, Windsor)

"I can highly recommend Laura! The treatments are amazing. The benefits are fantastic and I love the Facial when I need a deep relaxation. She is a very friendly and caring person, you get a thorough consultation and it has made a big difference in my life. I go for regular treatments. Thank you Laura!"

(Cat, Windsor)

“Laura, I wanted to thank you for the wonderful, relaxing and professional “Facial Reflexology treatment you gave me, I have to say that I enjoyed it as much as foot reflexology. Thank you! I’ll definitely be back for more”

(Justine, London)

“I came to Laura after trying to conceive for 6 months. I logically knew that 6 months wasn’t very long, but that didn’t stop me feeling anxious, I’d read about how reflexology can help with fertility and though I wold give it a go. Laura immediately was reassuring and took the time to talk to me not just about reflexology but the importance of lifestyle when trying to conceive. The reflexology sessions were very calm and relaxing. At times I even nodded off!. Prehaps more importantly though after each session I felt more positive and de-stressed. After only 5 sessions I discovered I was pregnant, and I truly believe it was how much calmer I was after the reflexology that helped. I would recommend Laura to anyone not just trying to conceive but looking for a way to reduce anxiety. ”

(Emma, Langley)

“Laura was professional and made me feel at ease. She was knowledgeable and genuine in delivering her holistic care. She also seems to be a genuinely friendly and caring person. We all thought she was lovely.”

(Anon, Windsor)

"Laura was professional and made me feel at ease. She was knowledgeable and genuine in delivering her holistic care. She also seems to be a genuinely friendly and caring person. We all thought she was lovely."

(Ashley, Windsor)

"I can highly recommend Laura’s treatments, the facial is amazing my skin felt great after & having had sleep problems I had the best night sleep in a very long time!"

(Lisa, Windsor)

"I’ve just had the most amazing reflexology session with Laura, I think that may have been the most lovely, relaxing, calmest hour of my entire life. Thank you so much, I will definitely be returning."

(Debbie, Windsor)

“Just to say thanks again for the treatment yesterday – Not only did I feel completely relaxed, happy and contented, I actually felt really energised and had a great session at the gym before an amazing sleep”

(Amy, Windsor)

Thank you so, so much. It was absolutely great. I feel like all my tension has eased and feel so relaxed. and SO good after such a deep and refreshing sleep! Feel Great!

My first reflexology session was something i’ll never forget. It was a better sleep than a general anaesthetic!!! I’ve never felt so relaxed. I slept like a baby for the nights following and precious issues that would have me up 3 times a night were gone! Laura pinpointed where my problem areas were and even remembered them after I had dozed off to talk through them with me when I was awake. She was considerate, kind, empathetic and so helpful at helping me feel empowered again.

(Neelam, Windsor)